World's Worst!

(Part 1.)
(Part 3.)
(The transition seems weird, but thats only because Part 3 will start on a much higher note, so I wanted to separate them. :x)

(200 posts of utter bs. XD)

(Sooo, you’ll probably be seeing a few more comics coming in this year.)
(Expect some Titans.)
(I think KonCass fans might have to hold on tightly because I’m a big fan of dramas.)
(And Gen13 might leak in because I’m super bitter over them getting canceled.)

(Thank you again~! <3)

(Drink responsibly.


(I don’t care. I adore Redhead!Jay.)

(Zatanna had a laugh.)

(lol, I didn’t think people missed this blog that much!)
(But yes, yes, we’re back.Thank you very much for all the kind support, even while we were on unexpected hiatus.)

(So have a updated no,-not-really layout.)

(“Larp” sounds like a noise a bird would make. idk, it just does.)


(I’m explicitly lazy on certain things…. like backgrounds. :x )