World's Worst!

(Yeh. It counts. :P)

(I can’t even. Nope.)

(Editz: Better Quality here.)

(…I can’t even tell you how long I waited for an opportunity to use the “hit like a girl” idea. X,D)

(Not exactly the best role models….. :P)


(Lies, Tim, lies.)
(You’re way more obsessive about planning than that.)

(Because mature adult attitude is totally us.)

(Round two!)

(Because reminder.)

(Because I always feel a bit awful when people send in some 100% wonderful messages and I don’t get back to them right away.)

(SO! Welcome to the first of “Fanmail Friday’s” at Ask? Tim and Kara! :3)

(All these will also go straight to the Thank You section as well.)
(Let’s get to it!)

(Thank you~! TimKara had so much untapped potential! And Dick will always have finger stripes…. in fact he might show up soon. :x)

(And I noticed you lurking in once in awhile~! :D
But yes!, thank you; humor is and always should be part of life…. unless we’re talking Joker humor…. then it might get a bit complicated. :P)

(>___<;;; I feel awful when I don’t get to update this blog! But never ever fear! I will never just flat out abandon this blog without telling you guys. That wouldn’t be cool. :<)
(…and heck, I tend to be long-term in my ships/fandoms. Been shipping this ship for almost 5 years now…. and no slowing down yet! XD)

(Never apologize for liking spams! I absolutely adore them! <3 I feel nothing but flattery when people do that! It’s very endearing! :3)

(I like most bugs. :P)
(No really, you’re too kind. I’m glad you like the writing and characterization especially. I work hard on that part and have lots of notebooks worth to prove it. T_T)
(…ask box might be open soon. Maybe end of this month? :D? I’m excited for it too!)

(Every time I have to write about Krypton days, Kara gives me so much grief! XD)
(Strong girl, but ever so sad. :<)